Effective Ways to Keep the Snakes Out of the Basement

Green Bay snake

Only a small portion of the snake can be dangerous. However, you may not have the ability or knowledge to discern a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake. Since your pets and house members' safety is paramount, you want to make sure that they will remain out of your property at all costs. One area of our house where we will typically encounter them would be our basement. To help you with your concern, we listed some practical ways to prevent them from entering our houses.

Will Sealing the Gap in My Basement Keep Me Snake-Free?
Snake loves a dim-lit, cool, and damp place, which makes our basement a perfect location for their snake den. To ensure that your house will not be vulnerable to the invasion of this reptile, you will need to regularly check your house's exterior and interior and inspect your home's integrity. There may be a gap small enough for these animals to enter. Immediately repair these areas and seal them with the appropriate construction materials. Removing their access from our basement will be essential in keeping a snake-free place.

Should I Clear the Clutter in My Basement to Keep the Snakes Away?
If the snakes find your basement too comfortable that they decided to stay, there are several reasons behind this. The place may be filled with too much clutter that allows them to conceal their presence. You may also have an underlying infestation that has been attracting the attention of these slithering creatures. Clearing the clutter in your basement may make it less conducive for the snakes and the rodents to live.

What is a Snake-Proof Fence?
When you want to deter the infestation of a snake, the ordinary fence will not work. Snakes are adept and flexible that will make it easy for them to go through your standard fence. Therefore, you may need to erect a snake-proof fence to ensure that they will not enter your property and your basement. Snake fences can be made from a rubber sheet, catch net, or steel mesh. A combination of these fences will make it extra effective against different species of snakes. Be sure that it would be anchored on the ground, and there should be no open gap underneath the fence. Also, take note of the height of the snake fence. It should have a height of at least 3ft. Place some eggshells, gravels, and pine cones all over the installation to make it uncomfortable for the snake to move.

Will Homemade Repellent Work?
Unfortunately, the use of repellent against snakes has no scientific evidence. Besides, there are some flaws related to the use of it. For instance, mothballs and ammonia are designed explicitly for insects, and they will not even bother the snake. Also, they can release toxic fumes over time that can irritate your respiratory tract. Even garlic, onions, and vinegar will not work against them.

Perhaps the best way to ensure that your basement will remain free from snakes is by seeking the help of snake removal experts. Do not wait for the trouble to become uncontrollable; you need to act the moment you notice the sign of the snake's activity. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Green Bay